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Chapin® BTF


Features and Specifications

  • Precision Formed Drip Tape Manufactured from unique extruded film profile with extra strength.
  • Slit Outlet Slit outlet prevents root intrusion and soil ingression.
  • Stringent Quality Check Each batch is tested for stringent quality parameter. Conforming to international standard ISO 9261.
  • Resistance to Abrasion and Insect Damage Rounded and thickened tape edges provides protection against abrasion and insect damage.
  • Clog Resistant Flow Path Design Hydraulically efficient, high vortex, turbulent flow path with large cross sectional area. Longer flow path ensures true drip flow - no squirts.
  • Freight Saver Longer length of coil, higher volume per shipment, less space in warehouse, less handling costs.


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