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Jain Sure-Loc Plus Column Pipe


  • Manufactured from high quality PVC, safe for potable water.

  • An innovative locking arrangement holds the joint intact against tensile load coming on the joints and the external ribs take care of torsion forces (i.e. the torque developed at the start and stop of pump).

  • Patent pending.

  • Light in weight, easy to handle and transport.

  • Fast and easy to assemble and disassemble.

  • Fast lowering and pulling of pumps, no wait for any joint setting time.

  • No effect on installation or disassembly due to extreme weather conditions.

  • Immediate pump testing.

  • Long life as PVC is totally chemical and corrosion resistant.

  • Low installation costs, no wrenches or threading tools required.

  • Efficient pumping due to low friction loss resulting in energy saving.

  • Smooth inner walls, no scale build up.

  • Conforms to or exceeds the performance requirement of ASTM D 1785 standard specifications for PVC Pipes.

  • Range

    • 1.5" to 8" dia.

    • Class : Sch – 80 & Sch – 120.

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