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Jain PVC Plastic Pipes and Pipe Fittings are available in a vast range and in various materials. Whatever be your application... We have the Piping Systems - that can be installed on surface, buried, slip lined, trench less, floating and submerged. Jain PVC Plastic pipes can be used in Fluids transport including, lifting, transporting, conveying, distributing disposing or tapping of water, waste-water (drainage & sewage), compressed gases/air, odorous and corrosive gasses, chemicals and hazardous wastes/effluents. Solids conveyed include coal ash, slurries, sand and cables.

Whatever we manufacture we have aligned with our conservation policy. Water & Energy conservation and nature protection with our products like PVC Plastic Piping Systems, Solar Water heating Systems, Micro Irrigation Systems, Food Processing and Plastic Sheets.

Jain Piping Systems are manufactured in our most modern manufacturing and testing facility. Jain Irrigation today, is one of the largest polymer processors in India. PVC, PE, PP along with Engineering Polymers like PC, PBT, Nylon, ABS, etc. totaling to over 300,000 MT are being extruded and injection moulded.

In Piping Systems we have systems from water to gas distribution; chemical to cable conveyance; groundwater tapping to waste disposal; Micro Irrigation to Lift irrigation; Hand pumps to house service connections. This unique range of products are complemented by excellent quality and services.

Our unflinching efforts in the pursuit of excellence, appropriately blended with our ongoing Research and Development efforts have earned the Company the highest R&D awards of the country and numerous other recognitions & awards for their performance in Exports and Marketing. We are also accredited with ISO-9001 by RWTUV Germany. We have an R&D laboratory with a vast range of routine test facilities in addition to many sophisticated equipment belonging to the category of state of the art technology. This laboratory has been approved by DSIR i.e. Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Ministry of Science and Technology and is also a two-time recipient of the National Award from the same Department for its R&D efforts in Industry.

We wonder if anyone else in the world has stretched plastics so much, so far and so well under one roof.

Head Office: Jain Plastic Park, NH No.6 Bambhori, Jalgaon 425001.Maharashtra, India. Tel: +91 257 225 8011., CIN : L29120MH1986PLC042028.
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