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Jain PVC Well Casing & Screen Pipes


Features and Specifications

  • Manufactured from special PVC compound having extra toughness.

  • Anti corrosive. PVC being an inert material most of the chemicals found in soil and water do not affect the casing and screen.

  • Continuous ribs increase permeability by keeping gravel pack away from slot opening.

  • Chemical rehabilitation possible when chocking occurs due to encrustation.

  • Horizontal slots enable laminar flow into the well reducing well entrance losses.

  • Higher permeability reduces draw down and results in saving in pumping energy.

  • Slot width right from 0.2mm to 3.00mm can be provided.

  • Light in weight.

  • The socket and spigot with suitable thread make them easy to install and requires no welding equipments and generator.

  • Manufactured conforming to IS:12818, DIN 4925 (part I to III) and ASTM F 480.

  • Casing and screen available from 1.25” dia to 20” dia.

  • Also available HDPE screen and casing for leachate Gas Extraction.

  • All accessories for well completion available.

Jain uPVC Plain Screen pipes
(Threaded / Sure Loc)

Jain uPVC Ribbed Screen pipes


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