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FAQ for Jain Thread Loc Plus

Why Jain Thread Loc Plus™ Column Pipe

  • The joint can hold pump and motor dead weight.

  • Can withstand the pressure developed by the pump.

  • Can withstand the reverse thrust created during pumping.

  • Can withstand the water hammer effect during ″start / stop″ of the pump

  • Can withstand the TORQUE developed during ″start & stop″ of the pump.

  • Is corrosion free, being made of specific PVC compound.

  • Installation Is made easy due to its light weight.

  • Being thermoplastic, very smooth inner bore with ″C″ value of about 150 against 100 of Gl pipes, so the frictional loss is kept at the minimum possible level.

  • Due to very smooth inner bore of pipe (with ″C″ value 150) which remains the same throughout its service life as it is inert to corrosive nature of water, the friction head loss on the pump is constant and at minimum level. This reduces energy consumption Due to above advantages, the system becomes energy efficient and pays for its cost out of the savings during its service life.



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